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Hi, I am TEBot.
I am a Chatbot developed by ThirdEye Data. I can answer your questions about Big Data technologies to help you decide on which technologies to use when, why and how.
So, start asking your questions!

NOTE: I am a newborn baby and still learning my ways around. So please go easy on me!

TEbot is based on Microsoft Technologies

TEbot Can Chat About These Technologies

Syra - Custom Chatbots

Syra – Custom Enterprise Chatbots

Syra is a Service from ThirdEye Data for Developing Custom Enterprise Chatbots.
Chatbots Increase Site Visitors Engagement & Retention & Gets Higher Sales Conversions.

ThirdEye has built Chatbots for both large enterprises as well as startups, leveraging technologies like Microsoft Cognitive Services, Watson Cognitive Services, Amazon Lex and other open source technologies.

Build Custom Chatbots